Better Pics with Your Camera Phone

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I was doing some research for a speech I’m doing for class (on the difference between advanced compact and DSLR cameras if you’re interested) and came across this article: How to Take Better Pictures with Any Phone. The author, Abhimanyu Ghoshal, does a pretty awesome job of  relating basic principles of photography to the use of your camera phone.

Might I add that a very important aspect to camera phone photography – and photography in general – is to know your equipment. You have to know where each and very setting is in order to take full advantage of your phones innate capabilities. Here’s are a few pics I took using my Samsung Intercept phone and Camera360 app:

I believe the app is available for both Android and iPhone so check it out!

Do you have any great mobile pics? Share them in the comments section below; I’d love to see them!


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