A Word or Two on Procrastination

This is totally unrelated to photography – well, except for the photographs 🙂 – but I thought it made sense to do a post about it. OK, so, I purchased a set of office chairs from Walmart.com,arranged for site to store, picked them up and assembled them; I should be good to go, right? Wrong!

One of the chairs – my chair – had a bad mesh assembly so it began to come undone on the same day. No problem, just take it back for an exchange or refund, issue resolved… Yeah, if that’s what I’d done. Instead, I just kept the chair thinking it’s nothing a few staples and a little glue couldn’t cure. Well, not only did I not jury rig the mesh but the small knob that controls the rigidity of the chair’s back snapped off. This is two weeks after purchase. These are pictures I took to upload for my review of the product on Walmart’s site:

The bottom line is, I could’ve had a brand new chair two weeks ago when I originally noticed the first problem. Instead, I procrastinated, ended up with two issues and still ended up taking the chair back for a refund. The moral to this story is don’t put off the inevitable. As Larry the Cable Guy said: “Get ‘er done! 🙂