New Class: Photo Design

Hey Light Scribers,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately; family matters and being under the weather have kept my digital pen at bay. In any case, I wanted to fill you in on a new class I started at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Photographic Design! I’ll be further developing my compositional skills while also working on other elements of visual artistry such as design principles (color, form, line) as well as color theory. Below is an image I used as part of my submission for an assignment. We were to focus on the basics of composition and design.

Project 7 Gum_Web

This is an image of the inside of a Project 7 Save the Earth  gum container (Which just so happens to plant one fruit tree for every container of gum sold!) … Sorry, I’ve chewed most of  it already. 🙂 For me, this image showcases proper use of the rule of thirds, motion, implied line and form. I’d be delighted to know what you think of the image; please feel free to chime in by commenting below.