Monday Motivation: Amateurs Worry About…


© 2012 Michael Stagg Photography

“Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about money, masters worry about light… I 

just take pictures…” – Vernon Trent
I still find myself thinking like an “amateur” sometimes and saying stuff like “I’ll bet I could have gotten the show if I had this, that or the other piece of equipment. The truth is – and, again, I’m still learning this – that  the camera a photographer uses is no more important than the brushes (or graphics tablet) an artist uses. It’s just a tool and only as valuable as the artist wielding it.

While I do want photography to be a profession I don’t want to get so wrapped in the “bottom line” that I forget to enjoy the act of photography. Likewise, I want to master lighting but not at the expense of the moment or more correctly capturing a moment. I think Vernon knew what was important: the experience and joy of taking pictures.

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