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Every artist is influenced by the world around them. The people, places and things that define my work are what the Influencers post is all about. I hope you find inspiration from what you read/view.

This week’s Influencer has been helping me get my photographic ish together since I started shooting seriously last year. His name is Peter Hong of Peter Hong Photography. His images have a light and airy feel to that I enjoy; it’s an almost magical appeal. I also like the level of creativity he brings to his images. You can tell he really enjoys what he does. So, this week, I’d like you all to meet Peter Hong!

How did you get into photography (or a specific genre of photography)

I got into photography by accident. Before going to my year abroad in Japan I decided to find out a little about photography in the hope to be able to take better photos to document my time there. Unknown to me, I unlocked a secret passion for photography. I guess I knew I was getting addicted when I would spend hours watching how to videos and do loads of test shoots.

How do you want others to view your work?

I’m not sure since I take photos and edit them to the way I like it. I think the ones who like what I do will let me know and the ones who dislike my style would also tell me hahaha. But I think with art, to get better, you need to realize that you can’t please everybody.

Who are the artists that influence and inspire your work? Why?

I’m really into Chase Jarvis, Edward McGowan, Alice Gao and Joey L. I like the way they see life through a lens.

What do you like most about your own work?

I like the fact that I don’t like spending time on something too much. I’m really fast in photo shoots and editing. It really helps to visualize what you are after before executing it.

What about your works brings you joy?

I guess the ability to share. I like sharing. I often do lots of tutorials and such. We all start off somewhere so it is nice to give back to the community!

What do you do to positively influence the next generation of photographers/visual artists?

Kinda mentioned it in the last question hahaha.

What are some of your favorite processes and techniques?

My style would come across as bright with a vintage twist. I love over exposing images and then adding a little vintage color. That is my signature style I guess

How can readers find out more about you and your work?

I have a main site and a Facebook site:

Peter Hong Photography Facebook Page

Peter Hong Photography Personal Site


More of Peter’s Images:

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