Monday Motivation: Easy Doesn’t Enter…



“Easy doesn’t enter into grown-up life.” – Michael Caine in The Weather Man

I hear people all the time expressing how “life isn’t fair” or “I’m not trying that; it’s too hard”. Thankfully, not everyone thinks that way or we’d never have this marvelous medium known as photography. Think about it: if Louis Jacque Mandé Daguerre and William Henry Fox Talbot had decided that “it wasn’t fair” that someone else was developing picture-taking technology or that doing so was “too hard”, then we may have never experienced photography as we know it today.

There have been days when I didn’t think I wanted to continue pursuing photography because I wasn’t grasping the techniques as quickly as I wanted. Instead of quitting, I did the one thing I rarely enjoy doing – I asked for help. You see, nothing that matters is ever as easy as we’d like it to be but that doesn’t mean we give up or quit. You have to push on until either you find a way or you get smart like I did and ask for help. No, easy doesn’t usually enter into our adult lives; idleness and procrastination shouldn’t either.