Monday Motivation: Nothing Lowers the Level of Conversation…

“Nothing lowers the level on conversation more than raising the voice.” – Stanley Horowitz
Men Arguing

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I’ve had times when, while working with a client/subject, there was something we didn’t agree on. This could be as simple as the time of the shoot or as complex as disagreeing on the total amount owed for a session. The why of the disagreement isn’t really important; how the disagreement is handled is of the utmost importance.
I always try to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t – you can’t please everyone. The moral of this post is basically that whenever possible, whether in personal or professional settings, the best course of action to resolve a disagreement is to try and communicate with one another instead of screaming back and forth like neanderthals.
My friend’s mother used to always say this when she encountered people in an all out yell fest: “saying it loud don’t make it right!” I couldn’t agree with her more. 🙂