Flora Heroes: Carol Sporleder and Fur a Good Paws



© 2012 Michael Stagg Photography

I love animals! I’m especially fond of cats but there are a few canines I’ve grown to love from time to time. Anyway, this post isn’t about me. It’s about a local hero who is doing all she can to save the lives of as many animals as she can from being euthanized (put to death).


Her name is Carol Sporleder and, together with co-founder Trudy Lambird, Fur a Good Paws was created. It exists as a 501 C3 nonprofit and volunteer driven organization whose mission is to:


  • Decrease the number of healthy pets being euthanized at animal shelters by fostering and participating in shelter pet adoptions.
  • Control unwanted litters by providing financial assistance to those unable to afford spaying/neutering and those adopting from the Clay County Animal Shelter.
  • Promote education for responsible pet ownership.
  • Promote compassion and respect for all of God’s creatures.


I contacted Carol not only to find out more about how I could possibly help out with F.A.G.P. but to also request an opportunity to photograph her and some of her wonderful pets for a photojournalism assignment; she graciously agreed. The images below are some from that session.

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To find out more about Fur a Good Paws and how you can make a donation, volunteer or help prevent animal euthanizations contact the organization using the information below.


Fur a Good Paws (F.A.G.P.)

P.O. Box 294

Flora, IL 62839, USA


Tel: 618-508-2445 / 618-662-2607


Email: contact@furagoodpaws.org

Website: www.furagoodpaws.org

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fur-a-Good-Paws/134423364673


Note: Sorry for the late post today. This photojournalism course (and j.o.b. hunt) is effectively taking up tons of time. I still hope you enjoy this post. 🙂