Monday Motivation: “The Greater the Difficulty…”


“The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.” – Epictetus

This quote hit home harder than getting popped in the face by a line drive from the Hulk. Many of us are struggling right now, photographers, our clients – everyone has a story to share about how some aspect of their lives is in apparent turmoil. I submit to you that we must continue to navigate these stormy seas because nothing, including our trials, lasts forever and the treasures that await us once the sky clears and rains have stopped will most surely be worth the trials and tribulations we’ve endured. So don’t give up. Be encouraged. Keep Moving ===>>>!


By the way, a special thank you to Tasha Prescott of Tasha Prescott Photography for sharing this quote. It’s always right on time for me.