Monday Motivation: Stop Wearing Your Wishbone…


“Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.”
― Elizabeth GilbertEat, Pray, Love

Short and sweet: as a photographer, sometimes I get caught up in detrimental mind speak when I can’t get the results I want. Statements like “if only I had [insert cool new camera or other gadget here] then it would be easier to achieve what I want”. The reality is, all I need is to get off my behind and go practice. I need to sop wishing for the results I want and instead “man up” and do what I need to do to achieve them. Have you had moments like that? Please feel free to share below.



9 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Stop Wearing Your Wishbone…

  1. You sound as if you’re talking about JFDI?

    Sometimes, it’s easier to find an excuse not to attempt a photograph than to do it. Many of my favourite photographs have come from making the attempt, after, I admit, a lot of ‘planning’ (procrastination).

    1. Hello Stephen!

      First, thank you for reading and liking my post. Yes, JFDI (I had to look that up, LOL) is definitely what I’m referring to here. Also, what I’m hinting to is our need to forget about what the “haters” are saying – even the worst hater of all…internal chatter and self-defeating talk. We just to get up, get out and cheer ourselves on and make the effort to practice, practice, practice!

      1. I couldn’t agree more, Michael. And have a look through that manual every so often – with increased knowledge/experience (through practice practice practice) comes an appreciation of, what seemed like, rather obscure facilities provided on the camera.

      2. Hey Stephen!

        Yes, a look-see through the camera manual is a must. Just a few days ago I learned about the “safety shift” and “highlight tone priority” on my Canon 40D. Thanks for mentioning my post on your blog, by the way. I really liked the Silver Water image you had posted. You’ll have to share how you captured that awesome image! 🙂 Well, thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing!

      3. A 40D man, eh? I’ve a 30D myself. One of the most interesting facilities I found recently was the ability to use one of the buttons to focus with, instead of the shutter button – I think you could swap the button for exposure too.
        I use mirror lock up a lot, but often forget to take it off at the end of a session and then wonder what the heck is going on at my next outing!
        As to sharing the methodology for this particular image…. let’s say… I’ll leave it to you. 😉

      4. BOOOO, Stephen! LOL

        OK, I’ll experiment. It looks like top lighting or side lighting (both?).

        I’m familiar with Back button focusing but I personally haven’t found it useful in anything I’ve done thus far. I haven’t used mirror lockup yet.

      5. I only used a single small hand strobe/flash for the lighting.

        I use mirror lock-up for all my still life – in or outside – usually with the delayed timer if I don’t have my remote release working – seems to be a temperamental beast. The delayed timer with mirror lock-up gives about a 2 second release pause.

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