Making a Few Changes to the Blog


change wordle

Greetings Light Scribers!

Normally, I’d be posting a post on an Influencer today. Instead I’m writing to let you all know that posts may be a little – off schedule – for a while.

Right now, I’m working on developing better, more┬árelevant content as well as a possible resign of the blog to incorporate a look and feel that will be consistent across all media (Some of you may have noticed the changes I’ve been making to the template lately).

Furthermore, I’m finally beginning to get a feel for my personal photographic style; I’d like to “work out the kinks” and share that journey with all of you. ┬áI want to make sure that I share more about my photographic and philosophical journey with you because…well, just because.


I apologize in advance for the chaos I’m about to unleash upon this blog but I know that when the dust settles and the smoke clears this blog will be a much more exciting place to visit and I thank you all in advance for sticking with me and for your encouragement, suggestions and support.




Michael Stagg | Light Scribed: Michael Stagg Photography