Monday Motivation: You’re Never Too Old…


Always See the World Through Youthful Eyes

“You’re never too old to experience youthful imagination and wonder.” – Michael Stagg

Yes, today’s quote is something I’ve had in my head all of this past week. Ever notice how, no matter what’s going on, a child seems to remain ever optimistic and hopeful? Some of us, as we get older, tend to let go of that ability to believe in the abundance of the Universe and its willingness to supply us with our every desire. Perhaps it is because we are conditioned to “grow up” and live in “reality” instead of so-called pipe dreaming.

My own experiences come to mind, especially when it comes to photographer. I was in grammar school when I first learned about the wonders of camera and lens and although I am just now able to pursue that dream I’ve always held on to it regardless of what people thought. So I submit to you that if photography (or painting, or racing or any other pursuit) is something you’ve always wanted to do then run, don’t walk to the nearest camera or electronics shop – our your Smartphone, it doesn’t matter – and pick up a camera and start shooting! I can all but guarantee that you’ll reignite the passion you felt just like I was able to. 🙂


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  1. That’s a rather interesting thought………….now I’ll be thinking about this quote for the next couple of hours or so.

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