Late Night Laptop Lighting Experiment


Shockwave lit with only laptop lighting!

Note: My apologies for missing a few post dates. I had a few snafus I had to deal with but things should be pretty much back to normal now. OK, on with the post! 🙂


A few nights ago I was sitting in front of my computer bored senseless. I was tired of watching old episodes of Heroes and felt I could be doing something more productive (Side note: At 2 or 3 in the morning what I should’ve been doing is sleeping… but I digress). I remember I had recently watched a video by Michael Zelbel of Smoking Strobes on how to use your laptop as a light source for portraits.


Basically, you download these shapes and patterns from (It’s free!), save them as your desktop background and then you can use them to illuminate your subject. I actually made a folder for them in my Photos folder on my Vaio and then made that entire folder into a rotating wallpaper.


Because it was so late, I didn’t have anyone to use as a model so I grabbed a few Transformers figures I’d used for a class project, cleaned off my desk (a task in and of itself!) and set it up as a little mini studio. Here’s another from my late night experiment:


Cliffjumper – Ready to kick some ARSE!


Have you used this or a similar technique? I’d love to hear about it!