Will the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Replace My Canon G12? Maybe…

Sony’s New Cyber-shot RX100

OK, to start, I’m not seriously looking to replace my beloved G12 but if I had to consider it (OK, fine I am considering it!), this little gal might just do the trick!

The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 boasts 20.2 MP via its 1″ Exemor CMOS sensor, a fast f/1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens – with control ring, RAW image capture and full 1080p HD video capability. Additionally, if offers DSLR like shooting modes such as aperture and shutter priority as well as full manual control. Indeed, with all these impressive features I’m sure it’ll earn Sony’s claim as this being the “professionals compact camera”!

Right now, Sony is including a 2-year accidental damage Extended Service plan (worth just under $90) with purchase of the Sony Cyber-shot RX100. The camera itself is listed at $649 on the Sony Store website.

To be honest, I’m still attached to the G12’s vari-angle LCD screen; something the RX100 lacks. Another point in my tried and true G12’s favor is that it has a hot shoe; again, a feature not offered on the Sony camera. Would the faster glass and lens mounted control wheel – and the larger sensor – be enough to tear me away from the G12. We’ll see!

Even if I don’t replace my G12, this would make an excellent edition to any photographer’s camera collection or kit! View a video of the camera here:

Be sure to tell me your thought on the Sony RX100 by commenting below.

My Journey with Photography

Polaroid One Step Camera

My 1st Camera: A Polaroid One Step

Every journey begins somewhere and this one began back in the late 1970s. It was Christmas time and I recall wanting only two things: my own 8 track player (Yes! An 8 track!) and a Polaroid camera. Well, I was a lucky boy that Christmas because I got both and while I enjoyed the 8 track player – and The Whiz 8 track cassette that came with it what I found myself playing with most was that camera.

I became the official family photographer for a while. Every chance I could I was taking a photo of something: my shoes, a favorite toy, my Uncle Joe kissing his wife … you get the point. There’s something magical about being able to freeze time and share it with the world. I couldn’t get enough of shooting! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue my journey for long as I dropped my camera out the back of a pickup truck and it was obliterated by both the dirt road we traveled on and a car that was following behind us.

Kodak C190

My 1st "Real" Digital Camera: Kodak C190

I didn’t seriously get back in touch with photography until just recently; again, it was during Christmas. My daughters, tired of hearing me go on and on about how I would like to get back into photography, bought me a small digital compact camera. I was instantly thrust back into that old familiar feeling of awe and excitement and quickly  went about the house photographing any and everything I could (to my daughters’ dislike).

This time around I went on a search to learn everything I could about photography and how to tell a story with images. I joined forums, subscribed to blogs and RSS feeds, read books and eventually enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I am now officially working on a degree in photography.


Canon XTi With Battery Grip


Canon G12

I’m shooting with both a DSLR, a Canon XTi, and an advanced compact camera, the Canon G12, and I love it! I don’t know where this journey will lead me. I’m certainly enjoying the ride. Winking smile

Photographically Yours,