Prepare Yourself or a Model for a Session with the Posing App


Image via Google Play

One of the most difficult things, for a subject or the photographer – is figuring out not only how to pose but also how to come up with consistently creative ideas for posing and positioning for the entire session. Sure, you could spend countless hours looking at images online or in magazines to find inspiration but this can become a bit tedious and time consuming (for me anyway).

Fortunately, I was search the apps in Android Market Google Play and came across The Posing App by Mendo Sia. For $1.99 you get hundreds of poses for men, women, children, group sessions and weddings; there’s also a helpful tips and tricks section accessible right from your Android Smartphone, tablet or laptop (Available from!

What I like most about this app is that the poses are artist illustrations instead of actual people “making it easier for models to understand and recreate the pose” (Google Play). For me, it’s a Godsend because it keeps me from having to look awkward trying to imitate the pose I want the model to assume. Below are a few screenshots from the app:

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For just under two bucks you get an awesome app, you’ll be a hero to your subjects that struggle with posing and you won’t have to look like a total goof trying to mimic poses. It’s a no brainer for a photographer (or a model wanting to prepare for her session)!

To get the app you can visit the official Posing App site or just search your app store of choice for the Posing App by Mendo Sia.

Note: I was in no way compensated by Google Play or Mendo Sia for mentioning their services or products.


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For All My iPhone Users

Hey Light Scribers!

I came across this awesome video by Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo on how to take better pictures with your iPhone. I think his ideas would work well for any camera phone; I know I’ll be testing them out on my Android phone. Check it out and tell me what you think!