This is an excellent post if you’re interested in selecting the best camera. I agree that you need to first know WHY you need the camera and its intended purpose before going out to purchase one. it will say you a ton of money in the long run. Enjoy!

Photofocus (old site)

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This post is an updated compilation of several shorter posts I wrote in the past trying to answer the question, “What camera should I buy?”

It’s still the most popular question I am asked. “What camera should I buy?” Lately there’s a new twist to the question…”Is this brand camera better than that brand camera?”

No matter how hard I try to tell people that there’s no perfect answer, they keep asking. So since I can’t convince anyone otherwise, at least know the answers to THESE questions before you ask me YOUR question.

1 ) What subject(s) will you photograph most often? Weddings, portraits, wildlife, sports, landscapes, still lifes, food, fashion, etc.
2 ) What gear (if any) do you now own?
3 ) If you had to choose between ease of use and power, which would you select?
4 ) Do you want a compact pocket-sized camera…

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On Developing a Photographic Style



Hello Light Scribers!

I was doing some research on photographic styles and came across this awesome post on Scott Bourne’s Photofocus blog:

A Few Thoughts on Photographic Style

I have to admit, it has been a rather daunting task to figure out what my own style is – and I’m still working on it – but at least Scott’s post offered solid advice on how to go about it.

Knowing your gear is probably the advice that sticks out most to me. When I first got my DSLR all I did was pop on a lens, tossed it into manual mode and off I went…Bad idea. I erroneously thought that the controls on my Canon XTi should be similar to that of my Canon G12. Yes, I know; I should be slapped…hard!

I am happy to say that I’ve since learned the ins and outs of my camera and for the first time I can begin to see small hints of what my style is developing into. For example, I found that I like images with strong contrast and drama. I also noticed some of my work reminds me of Miksang photography (hence these entries).

I still have a ways to go but for now I’ll bask in the knowing that I have at least begun to comprehend my personal style. I hope you find yours as well, regardless of your choice of medium. 🙂