Don’t Move Decepti-creep!

Hi there Light Scribers!

I’ve always help a deep fascination with the Transformers. Last year I had a project that required I capture images in a sequence to tell a story – this was right up my alley! Since then the toys I purchased for use on that assignment have been in a bag in a closet gathering dust. Also last year was when I joined a cool website called Pixelated Photographer. They have a really great forum with biweekly photo assignments – the current one is entitled Shadows. The image below was one of my submissions for the challenge. Perhaps I’ll win – all I need is a little energon…and a lot of luck! [In my Optimus Prime voice]  😉

Don't Move

Don't Move Decepti-creep!

Monitor Interrupted

I took this shot while I was at the ER… Inspiration comes from the strangest of places. Since the ER, for me is a dreaded place I wanted to make the image dark, dramatic and moody … I think I accomplished that; would you agree?

Here’s the Shot:

Monitor Interupted-Web

Monitor: Interrupted

Here’s a before and after for those interested:

Monitor Interupted

Let me know what you think in the comments below!