Miksang Photography #3 – Fountain


A water fountain in Kiwanis Park Flora, IL. © 2012 Michael Stagg

“Miksang, at its most basic level, is concerned with uncovering the truth of pure perception. We see something vivid and penetrating, and in that moment we can express our perception without making anything up—nothing added, nothing missing. Totally honest about what we see—straight shooting.” – From the Miksang.com site. Click here to view similar posts: Miksang Photography.

A fountain is more than just  a device used to dispense water. To me it is a symbol of having arrived (think about how you feel when you’re unimaginably thirsty and then discover a water fountain not far from you). Just as drinking from a fountain can quench your physical thirst so can reading a spiritually enlightening book, for example, quench the needs of your soul. This was what I was thinking as I released the shutter…