Greetings and Welcome to Get Light Scribed: The Blog!

“The Person” 

Photographer Michael Stagg

It’s Me! Your Friendly Neighborhood Light Scribe!

I’m Michael Stagg, your host here, and I want to thank each of you for stopping by my blog; I appreciate the company. 🙂 I’m not really one for labels but if you had to describe me I guess you could say I’m a philosophical photographer-type guy. My goal with this blog is to share not only my photography journey but also my thoughts on the medium and on life in general.

What else… Oh! I like Japanese Anime, Chai tea and quiet moments with friends and family. I don’t consider myself an artist though I aspire to be one. I’m married with kids and consider myself a pretty cool and witty guy. 🙂

On “My Style”

You could say that in photography, and in life, I possess an eclectic style. If you had to box me into a particular style I guess it would be portrait photography with a healthy dose of Miksang thrown in for taste. Some say my images possess a lyrical and painterly quality. I don’t know; you be the judge. Honestly, I’m still working on developing the Michael Stagg style – again, this blog exists to share that journey with you as well.

For those wondering how I came up with the name Light Scribed, I was discussing possible names for my forthcoming business and I mentioned that I want to convey that I don’t just take pictures but rather create visual stories. “Oh! You’re like a Light Scribe!” was the response I got. I liked it. I ran with it. And thus, Light Scribe Creative was born! 🙂

OK, that about does it! If you’d like to connect with me on other social sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn visit my social hub at About.Me.


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